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london knights tv hype videos and he scores promo video

project Teamwork

Our relationship with the knights is built on teamwork. Between our team and the knight’s team, we are a well-oiled machine delivering content that is exactly what they need and when they need it.

In the sports marketing industry things often move very quickly with little room for error. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to deliver assets quick while maintain quality standards for every project that leaves the BOLT HQ.

Knights TV

  • The project we like to call “Good Ol’ Faithful. Every 2 weeks the knights marketing team arrives at the BOLT headquarters and we shoot an episode of Knights TV.

Knights HYPE

  • Each season we get the privilege of editing the season-opening hype video and the playoff hype video. These videos are typically the best of the best. Each season we add a unique flair to each video matching them to the graphical feel and style of the season.


  • Our efforts all contribute to the overall visual experience fans will receive during a game. As part of our job to fulfill that commitment to the fans, each year we create new goal celebration graphics that are used on the video board, and around the ring. Each time a player scores their visuals are displayed giving fans a fully immersed experience for each goal.

LED Animations

Our partnership with the Knights also includes the development and implementation of LED graphics for the team as well as sponsors. We offer a variety of packages that include the design, build and animation of their LED ribbon packages.

  • Video board asset
  • Lower Bowl (below the score board)
  • Full Ribbon (LED sign that wraps around the entire rink)
  • Tunnel (LED signs where the Knights & opposing team enter on to the ice)