• website design & Development
  • Copywriting
  • video production
  • animation
marcy orthodontics website responsiveness on desktop and mobile

website development

This project was great to work on from start to finish. The client gave us full autonomy to create a new website that was both beautiful and functional.
We were faced with many functional design challenges in order to meet the clients’ goals and expectations. Firstly, this project needed a complete redesign which for this project we wanted to really lean into using videos for the header as well as videos integrated throughout the site. The client wanted their new site to be visually pleasing but also a great source of information. They also wanted a back-end that was easy to update themselves. In order to do this we integrated our design into WordPress which allows the customer to make tweaks easily and quickly.

Video Projects

As part of their project we also created a variety of videos that were used to both promote their new website and use throughout the website as content pieces.

  • Testimonial Videos
  • Logo Animation
  • Promotional content for social
  • Informative how to’s